Buying Clothes

23 Vas 2018
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If I spend $40 on jeans I expect it to last for the rest of my life. My belt is a shoe-lace.
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  • I'm in 8th grade an honestly I just take my dad's shirts that don't fit him anymore with sweatpants. Do I care what people say about it, you ask? No. No I do not.

    Bri BriBri BriPrieš 51 sekundę
  • lol i’m in 7th grade and i don’t feel like i have to look cool cause i’m on a computer for class all day.

    Graham Bailey - GachaGraham Bailey - GachaPrieš 2 val
  • 1:4 bruh even if I never Heard someone saying that I am ugly, I would agree that I am ugly...

    sonic the mangosonic the mangoPrieš 4 val
  • 2 pairs of jeans is $70? That’s a steal.

    ABC7ABC7Prieš 9 val
  • I was just thinking about what chapter 8 in piggy was gonna look like then an ant just stood infront of me i showed him the phone lol

    Danny NakewDanny NakewPrieš 14 val
  • The bottom is wrong choose this: 6:58

    Trang LeTrang LePrieš 16 val
  • Meaning of aglets: 3:58

    Trang LeTrang LePrieš 16 val
  • oops it's: 3:31

    Trang LeTrang LePrieš 17 val
  • Tha face... on goodwill wth: 3:35

    Trang LeTrang LePrieš 17 val
  • Taking a bath don't mind me: 0:01

    Trang LeTrang LePrieš 17 val
  • 🤣🤣

    Brandon WildcatBrandon WildcatPrieš 17 val

    Brandon WildcatBrandon WildcatPrieš 17 val
  • Now 17.5 Million Pepell Go to Good will

    No baby GamingNo baby GamingPrieš 18 val
  • "I'm the kind of person that doesn't care about my outwards appearance" but do you remember the snowman video? He said how does my hair look.

    Cullum BookerCullum BookerPrieš 19 val
  • I'm in 4th grade

    Nawal TashkandiNawal TashkandiPrieš 21 val
  • I swear

    Nawal TashkandiNawal TashkandiPrieš 21 val
  • All my clothes are for the 100 and 200 and 300

    Nawal TashkandiNawal TashkandiPrieš 21 val
  • Guess what James my mom forces me to match my clothes help me I cannot feel like myself anymore I need help why do I say I love your videos I do

    Mauri RodriMauri RodriPrieš 22 val
  • 6:56 its painfull and looks painful ;-;

    ItzYaBoiLight YTItzYaBoiLight YTPrieš 23 val
  • This is really my lovest youtuber ever cuz hes funny and so cute and it doesn't swears so I really love this youtuber!

    nightmareDREAMnightmareDREAMPrieš 23 val
  • lil tay

    jon bonesjon bonesPrieš dieną
  • no im not 7th or 8th grade

    ChrisRBlXChrisRBlXPrieš dieną
  • I'm in 7th grade ;-; also i love this video, you are an amazing person, and you deserve all of your subscribers and more! We all love you, and those who don't either are jealous or don't watch your videos.. again, love you! Keep doing what you're doing!

    Mylie SummersMylie SummersPrieš dieną
  • Lol

    Damian Explore's the worldDamian Explore's the worldPrieš dieną
  • I make my kids do this

    Damian Explore's the worldDamian Explore's the worldPrieš dieną
  • this man never fails to make me laugh

    HONORHONORPrieš dieną
  • The thing is...paying for your clothes is nice and good, until you get the same amount of clothing money/allowance as you brothers, who dont need to spent a lot of money on expensive bras, and womens clothing (that isnt made by suffering children) is generally more expensive then the mens stuff...its just not really comparable

    Jade QuinnJade QuinnPrieš dieną
  • Its A G L E T Aglet :D

    Mateusz PietrygaMateusz PietrygaPrieš dieną
  • Who's the bad LTworldsr

    Jared ValooJared ValooPrieš dieną
  • My mom has two kids me and my brother and she ended up paying for all of her clothes because I was paying for my clothes right now I wouldn’t have any the only thing I would have a pair of shoes

    Carolyne EmpieCarolyne EmpiePrieš 2 dienas
  • I’m in 7th grade rn while watching this video almost 3 years after it came out but it’s online so dose it matter about what I’m wearing?

    Lyon Plays 3Lyon Plays 3Prieš 2 dienas
  • "Some people call me ugly?" ;DD

    ej gamingej gamingPrieš 2 dienas
  • I want that pokepants screw gucci

    •ARSH SAMA••ARSH SAMA•Prieš 2 dienas
  • Whistlin diesel selling a $1000 t shirt that sais “this T-shirts cost $1000”

    Arran BakerArran BakerPrieš 2 dienas
  • Nope I am in 1th gade

    Safdar zamanSafdar zamanPrieš 2 dienas
  • Relatable

    Ahemd LaisAhemd LaisPrieš 2 dienas
  • Hi and sorry

    isaac Arriagaisaac ArriagaPrieš 2 dienas
  • I'm in second grade

    Dorian AllmanDorian AllmanPrieš 2 dienas
  • $5 huh P E T H E T I C I can get one for a mere $2 Edit: and a non used one on top of it

    tensor69tensor69Prieš 2 dienas
  • bullies: Did you get that from Goodwill james: Yessir

    Rajiv PanjiyarRajiv PanjiyarPrieš 2 dienas
  • i am in grade 4

    Ada HusseinAda HusseinPrieš 2 dienas
  • Fuck This

    Philip RobinsonPhilip RobinsonPrieš 3 dienas
  • Schools in India be like umm yes everyone will have to wear a uniform even in the online classes This is fine😥

    cybot animationscybot animationsPrieš 3 dienas
  • What if he doesnt wear clothes irl 😳

    PastPastPrieš 3 dienas
  • Amen to this video.

    MinestoneMinestonePrieš 3 dienas
  • Now 16.7 million people are going to good will

    Nathaniel DiazNathaniel DiazPrieš 3 dienas
  • 1:14. I can relate

    SS_FE2RSS_FE2RPrieš 3 dienas
  • Who knows that some famous yotubers watch

    Eri•teen•Eri•teen•Prieš 3 dienas

    woodwoodPrieš 3 dienas
  • 5:35 rice gum

    woodwoodPrieš 3 dienas
  • i always shop at good will and i am permantly stuck in my i need tolook cool phase

    BTS ArmyBTS ArmyPrieš 3 dienas
  • Hi

    Totally GachaTotally GachaPrieš 3 dienas
  • I went shopping for clothes at khols last week and a shirt and sweater and shoes was 90 dollars wtf

    Michael TrujanoMichael TrujanoPrieš 3 dienas
  • Soobrem is the new swag

    Gordana BjeleticGordana BjeleticPrieš 3 dienas
  • James my wardrobe is track pants and a t shirt no jeans

    Colin VanderpolsColin VanderpolsPrieš 3 dienas
  • Na I didn't give two fucks bout much more than is it clean and how long till I need to have a bath again

    Aggravated BystanderAggravated BystanderPrieš 3 dienas
  • l always wear my clothes every day and l always wear clothes that l had already put on the day before, the only clothes that l don, t wear much are my new clothes.

    Rick El pato 39Rick El pato 39Prieš 3 dienas
  • 73 million people.... Now go to good will. Thanks James 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Noelle MillerNoelle MillerPrieš 4 dienas
  • TheOdd1sOut: posts a new video Me:*something interesting happened*

    Jack ShashoJack ShashoPrieš 4 dienas
  • Tennis Shoe Gang wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Trevor JTrevor JPrieš 4 dienas
  • u t i l s

    BooterChanBooterChanPrieš 4 dienas
  • 1:17 - 1:18 pause here

    Eyup KellerEyup KellerPrieš 4 dienas
  • Same, I would get my own clothes and IT'S EXPENSIVE

    Mikayla MarroquinMikayla MarroquinPrieš 4 dienas
  • "At old navy, you know your gonna get that white boy, white boy ohio look". Offensive to us Ohioans, but accurate.

    Lydia KlumpLydia KlumpPrieš 4 dienas
  • Hello

    Mini BeastMini BeastPrieš 4 dienas
  • Helo

    Mini BeastMini BeastPrieš 4 dienas
  • I only have a watch so I can track my steps and cause I can’t have my phone at school

    27 CoolFriends27 CoolFriendsPrieš 4 dienas

    Wolf WorldWolf WorldPrieš 4 dienas
  • Dude I went to walmart for some plain white t shirts and they had a bunch of colored t's and sleeveless shirts for less than 5 dollars a piece. some were 3.99 or something. I ended up spending like 70 dollars but got a bag of 6 white t's, socks, and like 8 other shirts. And I almost always buy like button up shirts, polo shirts, and pants from thrift stores. I think Women are better off with thrift shopping because every thrift store has a MASSIVE section of womens clothes and the men's clothes are off in some dingey corner somewhere like... I think It's cuz men are more likely to wear their clothes to death to the point they couldn't get away with donating them. Also good luck thrifting if you're above like 2xl

    Golden PunGolden PunPrieš 5 dienų
  • #Flamingo

    Zion Ivan MapaZion Ivan MapaPrieš 5 dienų
  • Uniforms are still good because children should wear the same things. That makes sure that no-one is judged for wearing expensive or cheap, broken down clothes.

    Shikhar SrivastavaShikhar SrivastavaPrieš 5 dienų
  • I have 5 diamonds

    BeeFeeBoiBeeFeeBoiPrieš 5 dienų
  • My "I need to look cool phase" consisted of finding an epic deal on a leather jacket at Goodwill

    Ketter BlightKetter BlightPrieš 5 dienų
  • Oh god I hate my uniforms 😒😒😒

    Miss AnimeMiss AnimePrieš 5 dienų
  • 5:34 it mr beast

    Freddy plush productionsFreddy plush productionsPrieš 5 dienų
  • What if you can only the 5$ shirt

    William McLaughlinWilliam McLaughlinPrieš 5 dienų
  • Poke pants...

    Mackenzie PlayzMackenzie PlayzPrieš 5 dienų
  • U get to choose what clothes u were at school. That's illegal. At my school u have to wear a fixed unifrom. Like wat Plus I'm not from america

    SykeAmer88 _SykeAmer88 _Prieš 5 dienų
  • 1:10 Little James: there’s people calling me ugly That one hater:YEA YOU ARE UGLY Me to the hater:NO HE AINT Me to his question:yes there’s people calling you ugly but your teacher is right your beautiful in Your own way Who else agrees with me |.

    Mina AshidoMina AshidoPrieš 5 dienų
  • I'm in late 7th grade but I never went through that phase. Probably because of zoom...

    Aarav ValaparlaAarav ValaparlaPrieš 5 dienų
  • James: If your in 7th grade you might be going through look cool phase Me: wear same old sweat shirt for 4 months and then only wear one pair of shoes

    nicolielainenicolielainePrieš 5 dienų
  • James don’t listen to ur thoughts u are loved by 16.7M people❤️

    Jr RaistarJr RaistarPrieš 5 dienų
  • #notsponsored

    Stuff_from me TrueStuff_from me TruePrieš 5 dienų
  • i like your vids🥰 pls upload more vid

    malak tahermalak taherPrieš 5 dienų
  • Hi

    TheKingOfZimTheKingOfZimPrieš 5 dienų
  • im in 7th i am the laziest potato bag ever i dont care what i wear love you james

    Aahana ThrillsAahana ThrillsPrieš 6 dienų
  • I like wearing my little pony costumes Mesa brony

    Wanda HigginsWanda HigginsPrieš 6 dienų
  • ✌️❤️🙏

    Michele Conley EckertMichele Conley EckertPrieš 6 dienų
  • Animated man not ugly!

    Lexa and orin The amazing cousinsLexa and orin The amazing cousinsPrieš 6 dienų
  • Humans always want what they don't have. You can deny it, but it's just human nature.

    Calvin ParentCalvin ParentPrieš 6 dienų
  • I’m an E-girl that’s a boy

    Julie HarmanJulie HarmanPrieš 6 dienų
  • 6th grade and I'm in the I need to look cool faze

    Daniel GlavinDaniel GlavinPrieš 6 dienų
  • FUCK you

  • *SOUP*

    Egor vypolnyatEgor vypolnyatPrieš 6 dienų
  • i'm 9

    Aeva martinezAeva martinezPrieš 6 dienų
  • I'm going through my "I don't care what I wear as long as I'm wearing a hoodie over it" phase

    MakaylaMakaylaPrieš 6 dienų
    • @The Rewinder Because yes

      MakaylaMakaylaPrieš 2 dienas
    • Why is that me

      The RewinderThe RewinderPrieš 2 dienas
  • I'm in second grade and I'm still going through that I need to cool FaZe

    alice chartieralice chartierPrieš 6 dienų
  • In Michigan thare is a thing salvation army it is like good will but it sells TV toys clothes and more

    bean gangbean gangPrieš 7 dienų
  • 7:28 i think that Edd in Eddsworld

    Carl Eisen LomboyCarl Eisen LomboyPrieš 7 dienų
  • james hold up ..... you have FOUR SIBLINGS?!?! thats a video idea if ive ever seen one

    FindMeAtDiscordYT 6FindMeAtDiscordYT 6Prieš 7 dienų